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After deep contemplation, I am dropping out of the race, and endorsing

David Aronov.

I believe he will do a fine job leading our community.

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An official statement can be found below:

To the people of our community:


Some people have inquired what is going on with my campaign, and I owe these people an honest answer. After careful thought and consideration, I have come to the difficult decision not to continue my run for City Council. I know that this decision will disappoint some, but it is one I do not make lightly.


Indeed the time has come to shelve my campaign. While my personal commitment to our community remains unwavering, I have slowly come to realize these past few weeks that as a first-time parent who also helps to care for some of the elder members of his family, seeking and obtaining full-time work in government would effectively be an abandonment of my extensive familial responsibilities. I couldn’t in good conscience dedicate the time and attention the position requires considering the egregiously large amount of issues facing our community; Issues that come from years of neglect from hapless politicians doing the ‘bare-minimum’ in a city that demands excellence. My wife and I are truly blessed to be expecting our first child, and there is nothing in this world to make me regret what I have to give up for him.


It has been a long journey that began close to two years ago, with an unauthorized speech on the steps of Borough Hall rallying against a $10 Billion dollar jail that Karen Koslowitz wanted built against the will of the people. Like many of you in the community, I was disgusted that such a brazenly stupid and truly senseless plan was allowed to progress past the fanatical daydreams of our grossly incompetent and egregiously delusional mayor.


Unlike him, I have enough self-awareness that I can read the writing on the wall, as disappointing as it is for me to do so. I hope I have not personally disappointed any of you who had considered me. I still remain 100% committed to this community. I am now a member of the Forest Hills Green Team working for the ecological benefit of our community. I am planning on starting a non-profit to raise funds for a statue commemorating Eleanor Roosevelt and her work at the United Nations (which began here in Queens) at the Women’s Fountain Plaza at Borough Hall. And I’m going to take a crack at serving on Community Board 6 someday. I want my son (as well as all the denizens of this area) to live in a neighborhood they are increasingly proud of, with the march of time.


It has been an extremely tough decision to make, especially considering all the time and effort I’ve invested into this race I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with and getting to know many of you over these past two years, and I hope to continue to enjoy that privilege in the years to come. Ultimately I have to do what is best for my family and my community right now and bow out of the race. I hope that you will all consider Mr. David Aronov instead for the position, who has struck me (in the short time that I’ve known him) as an extremely bright and industrious young man, who will do some real good for this community. Impressively, he has already organized 100+ inoculations for individuals who were struggling to get vaccinated, and this is him working purely as a private citizen. He too is adamantly against the white elephant that the Borough-Based Jail Plan is, and also sees that the $10 Billion could be better spent helping people stay out of trouble, (and thus out of jail) in the first place.


He has also agreed in principle to some of the major things I’ve wanted done in the community besides fighting the borough-based jail plan, including supporting the aforementioned statue of Eleanor Roosevelt at Borough Hall, and re-opening the long-shuttered 78th Avenue entrance to Flushing Meadows Corona’s Willow Lake & Pat Dolan Trail. He too is considering my parking-permit plan (that many of you were excited about) to improve parking conditions in this community and keep people from Long Island driving in and hoping on the subway, taking up our spots for 8 or 9 hours per day.


It is with pride that I’ve decided to endorse and even campaign for David Aronov in my scarce free time. I consider myself a very good judge of character, and I think him to be a gentleman of honesty, unlike some of the other candidates, whom would be nothing but a disastrous continuation of the Koslowitz years. Our community cannot survive more years of continued gross negligence; We cannot allow further decay in our community. David Aronov is a fine individual who is the desperately needed antidote to the tone-deaf de Blasio administration and Karen Koslowitz. He is not tone-deaf. I might describe him instead with the words ‘lev shome’. Because he is an individual with a listening heart. That’s, in my opinion, what we need.



In any instance, please educate yourself and vote with your conscience. I can say with absolute certitude that I shall be voting for David Aronov come June 22nd.  Vote for whom you feel is best to both preserve and advance our community, and please don’t forget to vote!


Thank you for reading, I look forward to working for you and serving you, and our wonderful home for many years to come.


May God Bless Our Community, May God Bless New York, and May God Bless America.

Thank you sincerely for your interest.

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."

-President Theodore Roosevelt


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